Coimbatore, open drain incident, woman falls

Open drain incident resolved

Coimbatore Takes Swift Action After Woman Falls Into Open Drain

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In response to a recent incident where a woman fell into an open stormwater drain on 100 ft road in Gandhipuram, the Coimbatore Corporation acted swiftly by closing two open drains on Monday using concrete lids.

The drains were initially opened by workers to clear silt in preparation for the monsoon, ensuring smooth rainwater flow. Unfortunately, they were left uncovered after the task’s completion.

Despite the woman escaping unharmed from the three-and-a-half feet deep drain, shop owners voiced concerns over safety hazards posed by open drains.

“We closed the drains immediately upon learning of the incident. Moving forward, we’ve instructed workers to seal all drains post-desilting,” stated a senior civic body official.

This precautionary measure aims to prevent similar accidents and ensure public safety in the area.

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