Coimbatore Police’s Strategic Measures Lead to a 10% Drop in Accident Fatality Rates

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Road safety has emerged as a top priority for the Coimbatore District (Rural) police, prompting a comprehensive initiative to identify and address high-risk accident zones. Analyzing data from documented accidents in 2023, the police have identified 39 such zones across the district, implementing proactive measures to enhance road safety and reduce accident fatalities.

Proactive Measures for Safer Roads:

Under the leadership of Superintendent V Badrinarayanan, the Coimbatore police have taken swift action to address road safety concerns. Short-term engineering measures have been put in place, including the application of road markings, installation of barriers, and repairs on national highways. These initiatives have resulted in a commendable 10% reduction in the accident fatality rate compared to the previous year, showcasing the positive impact of targeted interventions.

Targeted Approach Yields Results:

The focus on road safety extends to 15 police station limits, where a significant decline in fatal accidents has been observed. The installation of 12 new signals and blinkers at six locations, along with the strategic placement of around 300 barricades in high-risk areas, demonstrates a targeted approach to improving road safety. Funding from the district road safety fund and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives has facilitated these measures.

Leveraging Technology for Traffic Enforcement:

Modern technology plays a pivotal role in the Coimbatore police’s efforts to enforce traffic laws. The introduction of CCTV surveillance and the implementation of e-challans have enhanced the monitoring and regulation of traffic. In 2023 alone, approximately 3 lakh Motor Vehicle Act cases were registered, resulting in fines totaling Rs 4.5 crore. The police’s firm stance is evident in the registration of 6,000 cases related to drunk driving, emphasizing their commitment to curbing hazardous behavior on the roads.

Future Focus on Road Safety:

Looking ahead, the Coimbatore police plan to intensify their efforts in areas with higher accident rates. Collaborating closely with transport and highway officials, their collective goal is to further reduce fatal accidents and enhance the overall safety of road users. The proactive and strategic approach adopted by the police reflects their dedication to creating safer roads for the community.

As the Coimbatore police continue their endeavors, the community can anticipate further advancements in road safety, emphasizing the importance of collective responsibility in creating secure and accident-free roadways.

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