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Two of the six attackers have been arrested.

Assault on Interfaith Couple in Karnataka: Six Men Invade Hotel Room, Shocking Videos Surface

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In a disturbing incident of assault and violation of privacy, six men forcefully entered a lodge room in Karnataka and attacked a couple for the perceived ‘offense’ of being together despite practicing different religions. Shocking videos of the assault have surfaced shortly after another incident in the state where two cousins were beaten up, mistaken for an interfaith couple.

The assailants filmed the entire episode, suggesting an intention to gain notoriety. The videos depict the six men waiting outside the lodge room in Hanagal Taluk of Haveri District. After noting the room number, they forcefully knocked on the door. Upon opening the door, the attackers immediately targeted the woman, who attempted to shield her face with a burqa.

Using offensive language, the assailants brutally attacked the woman, causing her to fall to the floor. The man was also assaulted and apprehended by two or three attackers when he tried to flee the room. One of the assailants cornered the woman near the bed, while another continued to strike her and drag her to the floor.

A subsequent video, apparently shot outside the lodge after the attack, captured the woman desperately trying to cover her face. However, the men lifted her hijab and filmed her.

Following the harrowing incident, the couple lodged a complaint at the Hanagal police station. Two of the six men, who belong to the minority community, have been arrested.

“The attack occurred on January 7 at Nalhara Cross in Hanagal. The six accused, from the minority community, face charges of attempt to murder, kidnapping, and outraging the modesty of a woman. Two individuals have been apprehended, and efforts are underway to locate the remaining four,” stated a police officer.

In a separate incident on the same day, seven men were arrested in Belagavi for assaulting two cousins, mistakenly identifying them as an interfaith couple. The victims, also from the minority community, were subjected to continued violence even after clarifying that they were cousins.


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