Coimbatore, 82-year-old woman, Pollachi, deadlifting contest

Age-Defying Grandma

82-Year-Old Grandma Shatters Stereotypes with Debut Deadlifting Contest

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In a remarkable display of strength and determination, an 82-year-old woman from Pollachi, Coimbatore, has defied age barriers by venturing into her first-ever deadlifting contest. Kittammal, inspired by her grandsons’ passion for powerlifting, showcased her prowess by securing fifth place in the open category for women at the ‘Strong Man of South India’ event held in Kuniyamuthur.

Surpassing expectations, Kittammal lifted an impressive 50kg weight, competing against 17 women, all of whom were significantly younger. Her journey into powerlifting was spurred by her grandson S Rohith, 16, who introduced her to the sport through regular practice sessions at home.

Kittammal’s grandson S Rithik, 23, a national-level powerlifting champion, further fueled her enthusiasm by mentoring her during gym visits. Undeterred by her age, Kittammal gradually honed her skills, steadily increasing her lifting capacity.

Reflecting on her lifestyle and dietary habits, Kittammal attributes her vitality to a diet rich in wholesome foods such as finger millet, pearl millet, eggs, moringa soup, and boiled vegetables. Buoyed by her success, she envisions competing at state and national levels, driven by the desire to clinch medals despite starting her journey later in life.

Her trainer, Sathishkumar, commends Kittammal’s dedication and perseverance, citing her as a beacon of inspiration for women of all ages. Kittammal’s remarkable feat serves as a testament to the adage that age is merely a number, reinforcing the notion that determination knows no bounds.

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