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Coimbatore Bypass: Progress Ahead

Coimbatore’s Western Bypass Project Nearing Completion

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Exciting news looms on the horizon for Coimbatore as the State Highways Department gears up to finalize phase one of the ambitious western bypass project by August next year.

This monumental endeavor encompasses the construction of a 32 km road, strategically divided into three phases, with remarkable progress underway.

The initial phase, a crucial segment spanning 11.8 km from Madukkarai to Madhampatti, represents a significant stride forward in infrastructure development, albeit facing setbacks attributed to sand availability issues. Undeterred, the Department has swiftly addressed these challenges and is poised to accelerate the remaining construction activities.

Meanwhile, land acquisition for the second phase, covering approximately 10 km from Madhampatti to Kanuvai, stands at an impressive 70 percent completion rate. With a steadfast determination to secure government funds, the Department aims to finalize 90 percent of land acquisition within the coming month.

Furthermore, preparations for land acquisition for the final phase have already commenced, signaling the Department’s unwavering commitment to seeing the project through to fruition.

In light of project delays, K. Kathirmathiyon, secretary of Coimbatore Consumer Cause, underscored the importance of meticulous government oversight to prevent prolonged setbacks exceeding a year. He emphasized the imperative of adhering to set deadlines for land acquisition, particularly in Coimbatore, where delays are regrettably commonplace, provided there are no legal impediments.

As Coimbatore eagerly anticipates the completion of this transformative infrastructure initiative, the concerted efforts of all stakeholders remain paramount in overcoming challenges and realizing the city’s transportation aspirations.

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