Hindu outfit seeks reopening of temples before Vinayaka Chathurthi

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Hindu Makkal Puratchi Padai on Monday petitioned the district administration demanding reopening of temples ahead of the September 10 Vinayaka Chathurthi. As the number of COVID-19 positive case was coming down and people were affected for one-and-half years because of the pandemic and lockdown, it would be only appropriate that the administration reopened temples.

Student seeks relief from neighbour

K.T. Dharaneesh, a Plus One student from Kannampalayam, has sought petitioned the district administration seeking relief from a neighbour, noise from whose looms affected his online classes.

In a petition to the district administration, the student said a few years ago the neighbour increased the number of looms and moved the looms closer to a wall of his house. As a result, the noise and vibration increased preventing his sister, a second year student, and him from concentrating on studies.

This had forced them to use headphones for long hours causing stress and headache.

After his parents failed to reason it out with the neighbour, they sought the help of a few elders in the locality. His parents then reached out to the village administrative officer as the mediation efforts failed. The officer promised to forward the petition to the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, from where his parents got a reply but no follow-up action.

Forum opposes Vanniyar reservation

The MBC/DNT Communities Joint Forum for Social Justice on Monday presented a petition opposing the 10.5% reservation given to Vanniyars. In its petition to the district administration, the Forum said the then AIADMK government, for political gain had given 10.5% internal reservation to the community.

This was done in haste in the absence of quantifiable data, went against the rights of 115 most backward class and denotified communities and had undone 100 years of labour of the social justice movement.

The present government had also supported the internal reservation. It should reconsider its decision to implement reservation in the absence of a thorough caste study and not make changes to the 20% MBC reservation, it added.

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