The three girls were seen boarding a train from Karur railway station.

Daring Adventure of Three Tamil Nadu Girls: Fleeing to South Korea for a BTS Concert

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Karur, Tamil Nadu: In an unexpected turn of events, three ardent fans of the globally acclaimed Korean pop band BTS, all Class 8 students from a government school in Karur district, Tamil Nadu, decided to embark on an adventurous journey to South Korea to attend a BTS concert. The daring escapade, however, came to an end when they were rescued by the police.

The incident unfolded when the girls left for their school in Thanthonimalai on January 4 but never returned home. The teachers raised the alarm after noticing their absence, prompting concerned parents to file a missing complaint with the police.

A comprehensive search was initiated, utilizing CCTV footage from bus stops and railway stations. Two special teams were formed to track the girls’ location. It was revealed through surveillance footage that the trio boarded a train from Karur railway station, indicating that they had voluntarily left their homes. Railway Police promptly issued an alert to all train stations to trace their whereabouts.

The girls were eventually spotted at Katpadi railway station and rescued by the police. According to their statements, they had watched BTS music performances on their parents’ smartphones, fueling their desire to attend a live concert in Korea.

The trio, armed with money initially intended for shopping for concert accessories, later realized they lacked sufficient funds to reach Korea. Consequently, they decided to return to Karur. While at Katpadi junction, they disembarked to eat and inadvertently missed their train, finding themselves stranded.

Commuters, noticing the girls in distress, promptly alerted the police, leading to their safe rescue. The incident showcases the immense influence of music and the lengths fans are willing to go to connect with their idols.

The girls were then produced before district official and later sent to children’s home to undergo counselling and then handed over to parents.

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