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Aamir Khan's tearful joy at daughter Ira's Udaipur wedding.

Aamir Khan’s Emotional Moments at Daughter Ira’s Udaipur Wedding Festivities

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As Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare celebrate their love in Udaipur, Aamir Khan’s emotional side takes center stage. The actor, true to his pre-wedding interview statement, couldn’t hold back tears during the ring exchange ceremony. A heartwarming video capturing Aamir wiping away tears with ex-wife Reena Dutta by his side has gone viral.

In a candid interview with News18 before the wedding, Aamir had shared his anticipation of being overwhelmed on Ira’s big day. He expressed, “Main toh bada emotional hota hoon bhai, uss din main bahut rone waala hoon yeh toh tay hai (I get very emotional. I will cry a lot on that day, for sure).” Family discussions were already underway to “samhalna Aamir ko uss din (take care of Aamir that day)” due to his emotional nature.

The wedding ceremony, marked by the exchange of rings, was a heartfelt affair, with a precious moment featuring Aamir Khan, Reena Dutta, Ira, Junaid, Nupur Shikhare, and Aamir’s mother sharing a warm family hug.

Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare got engaged in September 2022, with a unique proposal at the Ironman Italy. Nupur, a fitness trainer who has worked with Aamir Khan and other celebrities, adds a health-conscious dimension to the family. Aamir Khan, who announced his divorce from Kiran Rao in July 2021, continues to co-parent their son Azad. Amidst the emotional wedding festivities, the Khan family radiates joy and unity.

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