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Google Shuffles Teams: Layoffs in Streamlining Move.

Google Initiates Workforce Changes: Layoffs Hit Assistant and Hardware Teams

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In a move to enhance efficiency and align resources with product priorities, Google, under Alphabet Inc., is undergoing significant organizational changes. The company confirmed the impact on teams focusing on digital assistant, hardware, and engineering, with hundreds of staff facing role eliminations. The affected areas include the voice-based Google Assistant and the augmented reality hardware team, signaling Google’s commitment to streamlining operations.

A spokesperson from Google acknowledged ongoing efforts to optimize operations and improve team dynamics. The changes, initiated in the second half of 2023, aim to ensure greater efficiency and resource alignment. The affected workforce will be offered opportunities to apply for open positions within Google, providing a chance for redeployment.

Reports from Semafor and 9to5Google first highlighted the layoffs, emphasizing the strategic reorganization within the Assistant and Hardware teams. Employees are gradually receiving notifications about the changes, with the assurance of potential internal job placements.

However, the Alphabet Workers Union, representing Google employees, expressed dissatisfaction with the layoffs. In a statement on the social network X (formerly Twitter), the union criticized the company’s decision, emphasizing the dedication of its members and teammates in contributing to Google’s success. The union pledged to continue advocating for job security amidst the ongoing organizational shifts.

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