Mosques In Coimbatore Are Saving Water For The Future In A Unique Manner

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Several mosques in Coimbatore are putting in an effort to improve the groundwater table and save themselves from water scarcity.

What is happening?

Out of 135 mosques, 20 are ensuring that water used for ablution (wuzu) by devotees before prayer is diverted to the ground to recharge the water table, as per The New Indian Express.

The background

A Shah Nawaz, who is the president of Athar Jamath on Oppanakara Street in Coimbatore, said that three borewells in the mosque went dry during 2016-17 when there was a drought in Tamil Nadu.

The mosque had to depend on tankers, which cost Rs 8000 on a daily basis.

It was then that the management took the initiative to recharge an unused well by diverting the water used for wuzu.

“By spending around Rs 20,000, we established the structure in the mosque. As a result, the groundwater table in the locality rose significantly. When several mosques faced difficulty with water supply, we guided them on establishing similar structures to save several litres of water,” said M Abdul Hakkim, public relations secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (Coimbatore).

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