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Udumalpet Bus Stand in Ruins

Neglected Udumalpet Bus Stand in Tiruppur District Faces Imminent Collapse

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The Udumalpet bus stand in Tiruppur district is in dire need of maintenance and renovation. The 60-year-old structure is rapidly deteriorating due to water seepage, creating a hazardous environment for over 50,000 daily passengers and more than 100 buses that use the facility.

Fear has gripped the passengers, many of whom avoid entering the bus stand and prefer to wait outside, uncertain when the roof or sunshade might collapse. This fear is not unfounded; just a couple of months ago, the sunshade designated for buses heading to Amaravathy Nagar and Thirumurthy Dam collapsed. Thankfully, no passengers were present at the time, preventing any injuries. Additionally, a 200-feet-long sunshade on the Tiruppur route also gave way.

These recurring incidents underscore the urgent need for renovation. The crumbling infrastructure has led to multiple close calls, prompting calls for immediate action.

When contacted, sources in the Udumalpet Municipality acknowledged the severity of the situation. They assured that the civic body is aware of the issues and that proposals for renovation are in process, with work expected to commence shortly.

This situation highlights the critical need for timely maintenance to ensure the safety and convenience of the public. The Udumalpet bus stand’s current state is a stark reminder of the consequences of neglecting essential infrastructure.

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